This web-page is filled with Apocrypha, Verses from The Holy Scriptures, Clues, Prophesies, Messages, Awareness, Miscellaneous, Useful Links, End Times.

I share many verses of my choice, that I think might be of interest for you.

Also, there might be people who are not familiar with Apocrypha, so I share what I think is interesting.

I do not belong to any specific religion. But I am interested in the Holy Scriptures, it is like solving crosswords, mysteries, clues because one must read the whole content sometimes several times in order to understand. The Holy Scriptures are ancient but at the same time very modern, mysterious, good exercise/gymnastics for the brain.

Also how I interpret the Scriptures now 2017-01-31 might change in time, to a more developed and clear interpretation. For example if I think that all of the Holy Ones are already in Yeshua’s Messiah Christ’s Kingdom, might change to: ok maybe all of the Holy Ones are not there yet. But what I am sure of, is that The Holy Ones, nor Jacobs remnant, nor other nationalities of remnants will come back here to earth in order to revenge, kill, wound or hurt people in any way, because then they cannot be called the good/holy/chosen ones. The chosen ones are all people who repent from what is demanded and among the demands are: Stay Away From any form of Black Magic (because you are not supposed to troll and put spells on people in the good (magic) kingdom. So in order to come in there, you must be ready, purified, cleansed from using demonism/hire demons to perform desired things for you, not rely on this wicked, trolling, betrayal spirits.

Everyone is welcome to follow Yeshua’s teachings no matter if you are Israelites, Ishmaelites,  Hamathites, Japhetians, Shemites, any mix or descendants of the Anakims.

One can not help who ones parents are and should not be punished for the parents sins.

I do not think that any made up scary wicked aliens are welcome in Yeshua’s Kingdom, thanks for that.

Many verses can be interpreted to different conclusions and all of them might be true,

As long as no one interprets the Scriptures Verses to kill people on this earth, mind-control, wound, hurt, experiment with people’s bodies, souls and brains, robotize, cast spells and demons on people or anything else wicked as for example  twist the Scriptures. It is stated so in Apocrypha by John, that Scriptures will be twisted, does not mean it was/is ok to twist, because the consequence might be a curse. I cannot see or read that The Most Highest One, Eternal, One and Only True Good GOD YHWH allows any human being to perform this wickedness. God who created all human beings, sent Yeshua to earth to work as Mediator, Prophet, Teacher, Healer between humans and The God Almighty to deliver , convey and present God’s thoughts and put them into the Scriptures through prophets.  

The Scriptures did not tell humans to make up their own mythological religions like hinduism, buddism, taoism, voodoo religions etc. No hesitation that all religions have something good, otherwise no one would be interested in them. But the aim is not to become 50 % good and 50 % wicked and then justify it by saying oh, but one must balance it – it is the nature of the human. The humanity’s goal should be to become more than 50 % good.

The reason to why the Israelites were the chosen ones, once upon the time, was because they were supposed to lead other nationalities on the Right Path. But instead the Israelites were tempted by the black magics, so now here we are, believe it or not, we are living in the black magic made up fake kingdom, that will not last forever, but some are fooled to think that it will last for eternity.

Are we living in a fairy tale?

This Fairy Tale is For Real. Fairy tales are supposed to end well. But it is tragic that some are making this to a real tragic robotic horror movie beyond our imaginations, the Scriptures are warning over and over again to stay away from gods=demons=devils that are fooling people with technologies, esoteric secret knowledge, nice music, beauty, illusions, nice things.

One can obtain everlasting good magics/crafts and extraordinary things, nature, beauty and so much more only in Yeshua’s Good Kingdom and nowhere else, it is very logical. 

The Scriptures promise that the black magics will be destroyed! Michah 5:12

“I will put an end to the sorcery you practice. And no one practicing magic will remain among you.”

If one finds contradictions in the The Bible or Apocrypha, or it sounds extremely strange or it says you must kill this person or that people, simply don’t do it. It clearly  says in the 6th commandment Exodus 20:13 “Do not kill” and also similar was said to Noah and his kids Canaan (Ham seems to mean black), Shem, Japhet in Genesis 9:6.

Also it is not specified, that anyone for example, named Mr XXXXX should hurt others.

Take into consideration that there might be misinterpretations and contradictions in the Biblical Scriptures, so it is good to compare and also try to figure out what sounds logical?

Does anyone have the absolute truth for example when it comes to religion? Everyone can learn a little of something from each other, or get some tips?

There might be important and interesting information in the youtube-links, where you do not find anywhere else.

Reflect, ponder, contemplate weather the presentation on this webpage might be worth to consider.

It takes time to compare different Scriptures, in order to find the appealing verses that suite our times. All Bibles are good, but some interpretations might be more difficult to understand than others. Sometimes it might happen that one might misunderstand, that is why, it is important to read the entire Bible over and over again carefully, study and compare.


When you Watch the Youtube links on this webpage, do it with discernment and use/adapt the verse:

Matthew 23:2-4New International Reader’s Version (NIRV) “The teachers of the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat,” he said.

“So you must be careful to do everything they say. But don’t do what they do. They don’t practice what they preach.

If there are any links that are out of order, please tell me, so I can remove them, ok?


Thanks for visiting licorice478.wordpress.com




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