Union of all soul-people

Expanded Bible (EXB)

Ephesians 3 

This is that ·secret [mystery]: that through the ·Good News [Gospel] the Gentiles ·will share with the Jews in God’s blessing [are co-heirs]. They belong to the same body, and they share together in the promise that God made in Christ Jesus.

Ephesians 5 

Living in the Light

But there must be ·no [no hint/mention/rumor of] sexual sin among you, or any kind of ·evil [impurity] or greed. Those things are not ·right [proper; fitting] for God’s holy people. Also, there must be no ·evil talk [obscenity; filthiness] among you, and you must not speak foolishly or tell ·evil [crude; coarse; vulgar] jokes. These things are ·not right for you [out of place/character]. Instead, you should be giving thanks to God. 

Expanded Bible (EXB) 

Ephesians 5:5

You can be sure that using people or religion or things just for what you can get out of them—the usual variations on idolatry—will get you nowhere, and certainly nowhere near the kingdom of Christ, the kingdom of God.

Worldwide English (New Testament) 

You know this. There are people who use sex wrongly, and who are always wanting what others have. No such a person has any place in the kingdom of Christ and of God. He is worshipping an idol.
For this ye know: that no whoremonger, nor unclean person, nor covetous man who is an idolater, hath any inheritance in the Kingdom of Christ and of God.

Ephesians 5:6 

Do not let anyone ·fool [deceive] you ·by telling you things that are not true [or with shallow philosophies; L with empty words], because these things will bring God’s ·anger [wrath] on ·those who do not obey him [L the children/sons of disobedience]So ·have nothing to do with them [or do not partner/associate with them]In the past you were ·full of darkness [L darkness], but now you are ·full of light [L light] in the Lord. So ·live [walk] like children ·who belong to [living in; L of] the light. ·Light brings [L For the fruit of the light is] every kind of goodness, ·right living [righteousness], and truth. 10 ·Try to learn [Discern; Test and prove] what pleases the Lord. 11 ·Have nothing to do with [Take no part in] the things done in darkness, which are ·not worth anything [L unfruitful]. But ·show that they are wrong [expose them]12 [L For] It is shameful even to talk about what those people do in secret. 13 But the light makes all things ·easy to see [visible; exposed]14 and everything that is ·made easy to see [visible; exposed] ·can become [or becomes a; L is] light. This is why it is said:

“Wake up, sleeper!
    Rise from death,
and Christ will ·shine on [give light to] you [C likely an early Christian hymn based on Is. 26:19 and 60:1–2].”

15 So be very careful how you ·live [walk]. Do not ·live [walk] like those who are ·not wise [foolish], but ·live wisely [like those who are wise]16 ·Take advantage of every opportunity [or Make the most of your time; L …redeeming the time/season], because ·these are evil times [L the days are evil]17 So do not be ·foolish [ignorant] but ·learn what the Lord wants you to do [or understand the Lord’s will]18 Do not be drunk with wine, which ·will ruin you [is debauchery/reckless living], but be filled with the Spirit. 




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