How can the pious/righteous ones, be sinners? Is that not strange?

The Psalms of Solomon

IX: “Thou blessest the righteous, and dost not reprove (accuse, rebuke) them for the sins that they have committed; (interesting, do the righteous sin, but will not be accused?)

XIII: ” Of Solomon. A Psalm. Comfort for the righteous.

The right hand of the Lord hath covered me;
The right hand of the Lord hath spared us.
The arm of the Lord hath saved us from the sword that passed through,
  From famine and the death of sinners.
Noisome (motbjudande) beasts ran upon them:
  With their teeth they tore their flesh,
  And with their molars (kindtänder) crushed their bones.
But from all these things the Lord delivered us. p. 115
The righteous was troubled on account of his errors,
Lest he should be taken away along with the sinners;
For terrible is the overthrow (störtande) of the sinner;
But not one of all these things toucheth the righteous.
For not alike are the chastening (punishing) of the righteous for sins done in ignorance (unawareness). How is this possible,  that the righteous will not be punished in the same way? Can for example a criminal be released from his sins by The Most Highest One? Is there any possibility that the criminal committed sins unaware? Demonic possession?

Secretly is the righteous chastened,  Lest (för att inte, av fruktan för) the sinner rejoice over the righteousNot anymore, not so?  

For He correcteth the righteous as a beloved son. And his chastisement is as that of a first-born.

For the Lord spareth His pious (holy, sincere, religious, spiritual) ones,  And blotteth out their errors by His chastening. (interesting that the pious ones have errors?)

(Is this a contradiction: First it says Secretly is the righteous chastened and then out of sudden the pious sins are blotteth out?)

For the life of the righteous shall be for ever;
But sinners shall be taken away into destruction,,
And their memorial shall be found no more.
But upon the pious is the mercy of the Lord,
And upon them that fear Him His mercy.


And they have not turned aside from the way which He appointed them.
In the fear of God they pursue (follow) their path every day,
From the day God created them and for evermore.
And they have erred (not made a mistake) not since the day He created them.

 Since the generations of old, they have not withdrawn from their path,
 Unless God commanded them so to do, by the command of His servants. (interesting, what might this mean?)



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