Astral Projecting is demonic.

Is it possible for a human body to only contain demonic spirits, the brain is still there, but the soul is out? Where is the person’s soul then? Is the mind not a part of the soul?

38:05 THE STORM IS NEARING… PRAY FOR FAITH!!) Mysteryof Iniquity

Astral Projection: The dangers.  Bob Sanders

I do not know if it works, just heard or read somewhere, that if astral projections happens to you, then think of your feet, if you want to come back to your body. It seems also as if some people had out of body experiences. Some people even encourages to experience this demonic stuff. Don’t do it, because you will attract demonic spirits to you, if you happen or have the luck to come back to your body! Have also read and heard about souls that never came back to their bodies.

Wikipedia Astral

Find out through by google on, what you should not eat or eat, if you want to try to stay on the safe side and decide for yourself what you find being logic to eat and drink.



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