Is Babylon, the same as America or is it a City? The Chaldeans seem to be the citizens of America? Maybe the story  is repeating in New York City? “Nothing is new under the sun”

Jeremiah 40:9 Ged·a·liʹah the son of A·hiʹkam the son of Shaʹphan swore an oath to them and to their men, saying: “Do not be afraid of serving the Chal·deʹans. Live in the land and serve the king of Babylon, and it will go well with you.

This means the Chaldeans are supposed to be friendly as well as the king of Babylon? Serving might mean to follow the country’s rules, as long as they do not violate on you or are a danger for your life? Why is it saying, flee from Babylon? Are there any coming violations on the humanity to come? Mind-controlling with demonism?

ERV Revelation 18:2

The angel shouted with a powerful voice, “She is destroyed! The great city of Babylon is destroyed! She has become a home for demons. That city has become a place for every unclean spirit to live. She is a city filled with all kinds of unclean birds. She is a place where every unclean and hated animal lives.

Jeremiah 50:8 Flee out of the midst of Babylon, Go out of the land of the Chaldeans, And be like the leading animals before the flock.

Following this I saw another Angel descend from Heaven. His authority was immense, his glory flooded earth with brightness, his voice thunderous: Ruined, ruined, Great Babylon, ruined! A ghost town for demons is all that’s left! A garrison of carrion spirits, garrison of loathsome, carrion birds.

Revelation 18:10 They will stand at a distance because of their fear of her torment and say: ‘Too bad, too bad, you great city, Babylon you strong city, because in one hour your judgment has arrived!’

Jeremiah 51:6 Flee out of the midst of Babylon, And escape for your life. Do not perish because of her error. For it is the time for Jehovah’s vengeance. He is paying her back for what she has done.

Zechariah 2:7

“Come, Zion! Make your escape, you who are dwelling with the daughter of Babylon.

Isaiah 48:20

Go out from Babylon! Flee from the Chaldeans! Announce it with a joyful cry! Proclaim it! Make it known to the ends of the earth.   Say: “Jehovah has repurchased his servant Jacob.

Jeremiah 42:11

Do not be afraid because of the king of Babylon, whom you fear.’ “‘Do not be afraid because of him,’ declares Jehovah, ‘for I am with you, to save you and to rescue you out of his hand.

Jeremiah 29:28 Expanded Bible (EXB)

28 He [C Jeremiah] has sent [C this message] to us in Babylon: You will be there for a long time, so build houses and settle down.   Plant gardens and eat ·what they grow [L their fruit].’”

Revelation 18:2

And he cried out with a strong voice, saying: “She has fallen! Babylon the Great has fallen, and she has become a dwelling place of demons and a place where every unclean spirit and every unclean and hated bird lurks!

Jeremiah 51:1

This is what Jehovah says: “Here I am raising up a destructive wind Against Babylon and the inhabitants of    Lebkamai.

Jeremiah 50 Expanded Bible (EXB) A Message to Babylon

50 This is the message the Lord spoke to Babylon and the ·Babylonian people [L Chaldeans] through Jeremiah the prophet.

“·Announce [Proclaim] this to the nations [L and let them hear].
Lift up a banner [C a battle standard] and ·tell them [make them hear].
·Speak the whole message [L Do not conceal anything] and say:
‘Babylon will be captured.
The god Bel will be ·put to shame[humiliated], and the god Marduk will be ·afraid [terrified].
·Babylon’s gods [L Its images] will be ·put to shame [humiliated],
and her idols will be ·afraid [terrified]!’
A nation from the north will attack Babylon [C Persia]
and make it like an ·empty desert [desolation].
No one will live there;   both people and animals will ·run away [flee].”

Jeremiah 50:46

At the sound of Babylon’s capture, the earth will quake, And an outcry will be heard among the nations.”

Daniel 2:48

The king then elevated Daniel and gave him many fine gifts, and he made him the ruler over all the province of Babylon and the chief prefect over all the wise men of Babylon.

Jeremiah 51:29

And the earth will quake and tremble, For the thoughts of Jehovah against Babylon will be carried out To make the land of Babylon an object of horror, without an inhabitant.

Jeremiah 51:44

I will turn my attention to Bel in Babylon, And I will take out of his mouth what he has swallowed. To him nations will stream no more, And the wall of Babylon will fall.

Jeremiah 51:49 Expanded Bible (EXB) “Babylon must fall, because ·she killed people from [of the corpses of] Israel. She killed people from everywhere on [and the corpses of all the] earth.

Jeremiah 51:60

Jeremiah wrote in one book all the calamity that would come upon Babylon, all these words written against Babylon.

Ezra 5:12

However, because our fathers angered the God of the heavens, he gave them into the hand of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, the Chaldean, who demolished this house and took the people into exile to Babylon.

Now why did our forefathers angere GOD YAH? Because the Israelites worshipped demonism=black magics=voodoo! This is probably what your/our ancestors did! That is why some of the people probably are mind-controlled. The One and Only Good GOD YAH did have hope in Israel, which at least Israel would not do the same as their neighbors of Ham and Japheth descendants did, so that maybe Israel could help/encourage Ham and Japheth to turn away from the devilish magics/witchcraft. But it is not too late for anyone, whether your descendants are of Ham, Japheth or Shem – just stay away from Harry Potter magics – no kidding, a warning!

Isaiah 13:19

And Babylon, the most glorious of kingdoms, The beauty and the pride of the Chal·deʹans, Will be like Sodʹom and Go·morʹrah when God overthrew them.

Ezekiel 32:11

For this is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah says: ‘The sword of the king of Babylon will come upon you.

Jeremiah 51:37

And Babylon will become piles of stones, A lair of jackals, An object of horror and something to whistle at, Without an inhabitant.

Daniel 3:30

The king then promoted Shaʹdrach, Meʹshach, and A·bedʹne·go in the province of Babylon.

Jeremiah 51:42

The sea has come up over Babylon. By the multitude of its waves she has been covered.

Jeremiah 51:54

“Listen! There is an outcry from Babylon, The sound of great disaster from the land of the Chaldeans,

Psalm 137:1

By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down. We wept when we remembered Zion.

Revelation 17:5

On her forehead was written a name, a mystery: “Babylon the Great, the mother of the prostitutes and of the disgusting things of the earth.”

Daniel 2:24

Daniel then went in to Arioch, whom the king had appointed to destroy the wise men of Babylon, and he said to him: “Do not destroy any wise men of Babylon. Take me in before the king, and I will tell the interpretation to the king.”

Jeremiah 27:8

“‘If any nation or kingdom refuses to serve King Nebuchadnezzar (remember that this king was once upon a time worshipping voodoo-gods, but stopped after God Almighty YAH lectured king Nebuchadnezzar, this king was put to suffer in the wilderness for 7 years as punishment for serving idols, after that this king was no more into black magics) of Babylon and refuses to put its neck under the yoke of the king of Babylon, I will punish that nation with the sword, with famine, and with pestilence,’ declares Jehovah, ‘until I have finished them off by his hand.’

Daniel 4:25 Expanded Bible (EXB)

25 You will be ·forced [driven] away from people to live among the ·wild animals [L animals of the field]. People will feed you grass like an ox, and dew from the ·sky [heavens] will make you wet. Seven ·years [L periods; times] will pass, and then you will learn this lesson: The Most High God is ·ruler [sovereign] over every kingdom on earth, and he gives those kingdoms to anyone he chooses.

 Daniel 4:33-36 Expanded Bible (EXB)

33 Immediately the ·words [sentence] came true. Nebuchadnezzar was ·forced to go [driven] away from people, and he began eating grass like an ox. He became wet from dew. His hair grew long like the feathers of an eagle, and his nails grew like the claws of a bird.

34 “At the end of ·that time [L the days], I, Nebuchadnezzar, ·looked up [L lifted my eyes] toward heaven [C acknowledging God’s supremacy], and ·I could think normally again [L my reason was restored to me]! Then I ·gave praise to [blessed] the Most High God; I gave honor and glory to him who lives forever.

“God’s ·rule is forever [L sovereignty is an eternal sovereignty], and his kingdom continues for ·all time [L all generations].
35 People on earth are ·not truly important [counted as nothing]. God does what he ·wants [wills]  with the ·powers [hosts; armies] of heaven [C angelic powers]  and the people on earth. No one can stop his powerful hand  or ·question what he does [L say, ‘What are you doing?’].  36 “At that time ·I could think normally again [L my reason returned to me], and God gave back my great honor and power and returned the glory to my kingdom. ·The people who advised me [My counselors] and the royal family came to me for help again. I became king again and was even greater and more powerful than before.

Jeremiah 40:4

Now I am releasing you today from the handcuffs that were on your hands. If it seems good to you to come with me to Babylon, come, and I will look after you. But if you do not want to come with me to Babylon, do not come. See! The entire land is before you. Go wherever you choose.”

Isaiah 43:14 Expanded Bible (EXB)

14 This is what the Lord, ·who saves you [your protector/redeemer; 41:14], the Holy One of Israel [1:4], says:
“I will ·send armies [L send] to Babylon for you, and I will ·knock down all its locked gates [or bring them down as fugitives]. The ·Babylonians [L Chaldeans] will ·shout their cries of sorrow [or flee in the ships they take such pride in].

Isaiah 47:1

Come down and sit in the dust, O virgin daughter of Babylon. Sit down on the ground where there is no throne, O daughter of the Chaldeans, For never again will people call you delicate and pampered.

Jeremiah 25:12

“‘But when 70 years have been fulfilled, I will call to account the king of Babylon and that nation for their error,’ declares Jehovah, ‘and I will make the land of the Chaldeans a desolate wasteland for all time.

Jeremiah 27:6

And now I have given all these lands into the hand of my servant King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon; even the wild beasts of the field I have given him to serve him. (This happened after this king Nebuchadnezzar has been out in the wilderness for 7 years to realize there is only One and Only God in the whole universe. Daniel 4:33. This king was worshipping other gods in the past.)

Jeremiah 27:22

‘“To Babylon they will be brought, and there they will remain until the day I turn my attention to them,” declares Jehovah. “Then I will bring them back and restore them to this place.”’”

Jeremiah 29:10

“For this is what Jehovah says, ‘When 70 years at Babylon are fulfilled, I will turn my attention to you, and I will make good my promise by bringing you back to this place.’

Jeremiah 32:36

“Therefore this is what Jehovah the God of Israel says concerning this city that you are saying will be given into the hand of the king of Babylon by the sword, the famine, and the pestilence,

Jeremiah 50:13

Because of the indignation of Jehovah she will not be inhabited; She will become utterly desolate. Anyone passing by Babylon will stare in horror and whistle because of all her plagues.

Jeremiah 50:14

Come against Babylon in battle formation on every side, All you who are bending the bow. Shoot at her, spare no arrow, For it is against Jehovah that she has sinned.

Jeremiah 50:16

Cut off the sower from Babylon And the one handling the sickle in harvest time. Because of the cruel sword, each will return to his own people, Each one will flee to his own land.

Jeremiah 50:18

Therefore this is what Jehovah of armies, the God of Israel, says: ‘Here I will deal with the king of Babylon and with his land in the same way that I dealt with the king of Assyria.

Jeremiah 50:23

How the forge hammer of all the earth has been cut down and broken! How Babylon has become an object of horror among the nations!

Jeremiah 50:24

I have laid a snare for you, and you have been caught, O Babylon, And you did not know it. You were found and captured, For it was Jehovah whom you opposed.

Jeremiah 50:34

But their Repurchaser is strong. Jehovah of armies is his Name. He will surely plead their legal case, In order to give rest to the land and to bring agitation to the inhabitants of Babylon.”

Jeremiah 50:35

“There is a sword against the Chaldeans,” declares Jehovah, “Against the inhabitants of Babylon and against her princes and against her wise ones.

Jeremiah 50:42

Bow and javelin they wield. They are cruel and will show no mercy. Their sound is like the roaring sea, As they ride on their horses. Like one man, they line up in battle formation against you, O daughter of Babylon.

Jeremiah 50:43

The king of Babylon has heard the report about them, And his hands drop down. Anguish seizes him, Pain like that of a woman giving birth.

Jeremiah 51:2

I will send winnowers to Babylon, And they will winnow her and make her land empty; They will come against her on all sides in the day of calamity.

Jeremiah 51:7

Babylon has been a golden cup in the hand of Jehovah; She made all the earth drunk. From her wine the nations have drunk; That is why the nations have gone mad.

Jeremiah 51:8

Suddenly Babylon has fallen and is broken. Wail over her! Get balsam for her pain; perhaps she may be healed.”

Jeremiah 51:9

“We tried to heal Babylon, but she could not be healed. Leave her and let us go, each to his own land. For her judgment has reached to the heavens; It is as high as the clouds.

Jeremiah 51:11

“Polish the arrows; take up the circular shields. Jehovah has stirred up the spirit of the kings of the Medes, Because he intends to bring Babylon to ruin. For this is the vengeance of Jehovah, the vengeance for his temple.

Jeremiah 51:24

And I will repay Babylon and all the inhabitants of Chaldea For all the evil that they have committed in Zion before your eyes,” declares Jehovah.

Jeremiah 51:30

The warriors of Babylon have quit fighting. They sit in their strongholds. Their strength has failed. They have become like women. Her homes have been set on fire. Her bars have been broken.

Jeremiah 51:31

One courier runs to meet another courier, And one messenger to meet another messenger, To report to the king of Babylon that his city has been captured on every side,

Jeremiah 51:33

For this is what Jehovah of armies, the God of Israel, says: “The daughter of Babylon is like a threshing floor. It is the time to tread her down solid. Very soon the time of the harvest will come for her.”

Jeremiah 51:35

‘May the violence done to me and to my person come upon Babylon!’ says the inhabitant of Zion. ‘And let my blood come upon the inhabitants of Chaldea!’ says Jerusalem.”

Jeremiah 51:41

“O how Sheʹshach has been captured, How the Praise of the whole earth has been seized! How Babylon has become an object of horror among the nations!

Jeremiah 51:47

Therefore look! the days are coming When I will turn my attention to the graven images of Babylon. All her land will be put to shame, And all her slain will fall in her midst.

Jeremiah 51:48

The heavens and the earth and everything in them Will shout joyfully over Babylon, For the destroyers will come to her out of the north,” declares Jehovah.

Jeremiah 51:53

“Even if Babylon should ascend to the heavens, Even if she should fortify her towering strongholds, From me her destroyers will come,” declares Jehovah.

Jeremiah 51:55

For Jehovah is destroying Babylon, He will silence her great voice, And their waves will roar like many waters. The sound of their voice will be heard.

Jeremiah 51:56

For the destroyer will come upon Babylon; Her warriors will be captured, Their bows will be shattered, For Jehovah is a God of retribution. He will surely repay.

Jeremiah 51:58

This is what Jehovah of armies says: “The wall of Babylon, though broad, will be completely demolished, And her gates, though high, will be set on fire. The peoples will toil for nothing; The nations will weary themselves just to feed the fire.”

Jeremiah 51:61

Furthermore, Jeremiah said to Se·raiʹah: “When you come to Babylon and see her, you must read aloud all these words.

Jeremiah 51:64

Then say, ‘This is how Babylon will sink down and never rise again because of the calamity that I am bringing on her; and they will grow weary.’” Down to this point are the words of Jeremiah.

Jeremiah 52:34

A regular allowance of food was given him from the king of Babylon, day after day, until the day of his death, all the days of his life.

Psalm 137:8

O daughter of Babylon, who is soon to be devastated, Happy will be the one who rewards you With the treatment you inflicted on us.

Acts 7:43

But it was the tent of Moʹloch and the star of the god Reʹphan that you took up, the images that you made to worship them. So I will deport you beyond Babylon.’

Revelation 14:8

Another, a second angel, followed, saying: “She has fallen! Babylon the Great has fallen, she who made all the nations drink of the wine of the passion of her sexual immorality!”

Revelation 16:19

The great city split into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell; and Babylon the Great was remembered before God, to give her the cup of the wine of the fury of his wrath.

Revelation 18:21

And a strong angel lifted up a stone like a great millstone and hurled it into the sea, saying: “Thus with a swift pitch will Babylon the great city be hurled down, and she will never be found again.

Isaiah 21:9

Look at what is coming: Men in a war chariot with a team of horses!” Then he spoke up and said: “She has fallen! Babylon has fallen! All the graven images of her gods he has shattered to the ground!”

Micah 4:10

Writhe and groan, O daughter of Zion, Like a woman giving birth, For now you will go from the city and reside in the field. You will go as far as to Babylon, And there you will be rescued; There Jehovah will buy you back from the hand of your enemies.

Daniel 3:12

But there are certain Jews whom you appointed to administer the province of Babylon: Shaʹdrach, Meʹshach, and A·bedʹne·go. These men have paid no regard to you, O king. They are not serving your gods, and they refuse to worship the image of gold that you have set up.”

Daniel 5:7

The king called out loudly to summon the conjurers, the Chal·deʹans, and the astrologers. The king said to the wise men of Babylon: “Any man who reads this writing and tells me its interpretation will be clothed with purple, a gold necklace will be placed around his neck, and he will rule as the third one in the kingdom.”

Jeremiah 25:9

I am sending for all the families of the north,” declares Jehovah, “sending for King Neb·u·chad·nezʹzar of Babylon, my servant (after this king has given up worshipping foreign fake gods), and I will bring them against this land and against its inhabitants and against all these surrounding nations. I will devote them to destruction and make them an object of horror and something to whistle at and a perpetual ruin.

Jeremiah 28:11

Han·a·niʹah then said in the presence of all the people: “This is what Jehovah says, ‘Just like this I will break the yoke of King Neb·u·chad·nezʹzar of Babylon from off the neck of all the nations within two years.’” And Jeremiah the prophet went on his way.

Jeremiah 49:30

“Flee, go far away! Go and dwell down in the depths, O inhabitants of Haʹzor,” declares Jehovah. “For King Neb·u·chad·nezʹzar of Babylon has devised a strategy against you, And he has thought out a plan against you.”

Jeremiah 50:2

“Declare it among the nations and proclaim it. Raise a signal and proclaim it. Do not hide anything! Say, ‘Babylon has been captured. Bel has been put to shame. Merʹo·dach has become terrified. Her images have been put to shame. Her disgusting idols have become terrified.’


According to JW: The Bible’s answer

Babylon the Great, described in the book of Revelation, is the world’s collective body of false religions, which God rejects. * (Revelation 14:8; 17:5; 18:21) Although those religions differ in many respects, in one way or another they all lead people away from the worship of the true God, Jehovah.—Deuteronomy 4:35.

Keys to identifying Babylon the Great

  1. Babylon the Great is a symbol.The Bible describes her as “a woman” and a “great prostitute,” having a name that is “a mystery: ‘Babylon the Great.’” (Revelation 17:1, 3, 5) The book of Revelation is presented “in signs,” so it is reasonable to conclude that Babylon the Great is a symbol, not a literal woman. (Revelation 1:1) In addition, she “sits on many waters,” which represent “peoples and crowds and nations and tongues.” (Revelation 17:1, 15) A literal woman could not do that.
  2. Babylon the Great represents an international entity.She is called “the great city that has a kingdom over the kings of the earth.” (Revelation 17:18) Thus, she has international scope and influence.
  3. Babylon the Great is a religious entity, not a political or commercial one.Ancient Babylon was a profoundly religious city, known for its use of spiritistic “spells” and “sorceries.” (Isaiah 47:1, 12, 13; Jeremiah 50:1, 2, 38) In fact, false religion in opposition to the true God, Jehovah, was practiced there. (Genesis 10:8, 9; 11:2-4, 8) The rulers of Babylon arrogantly exalted themselves above Jehovah and his worship. (Isaiah 14:4, 13, 14; Daniel 5:2-4, 23) Likewise, Babylon the Great is known for her “spiritistic practices.” That shows her to be a religious organization.—Revelation 18:23.

Babylon the Great cannot be a political entity, because “the kings of the earth” mourn her destruction. (Revelation 17:1, 2; 18:9) Neither is she a commercial power, because the Bible distinguishes her from “the merchants of the earth.”—Revelation 18:11, 15.

  1. Babylon the Great fits the profile of false religion.Rather than teaching people how to draw closer to the true God, Jehovah, false religion actually leads them to worship other gods. The Bible calls this “spiritual prostitution.” (Leviticus 20:6; Exodus 34:15, 16) Practices such as the use of images in worship date back to ancient Babylon and continue to permeate false religion. These religions also blend their worship with love for the world. The Bible refers to this form of unfaithfulness as spiritual adultery.—James 4:4.

False religion’s wealth and showy display of it match the picture that the Bible paints of Babylon the Great, who is “clothed in purple and scarlet” and “adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls.” (Revelation 17:4) Babylon the Great is the source of “the disgusting things of the earth,” or the teachings and actions that actually dishonor God. (Revelation 17:5) The members of false religion are the “peoples and crowds and nations and tongues” who support Babylon the Great.—Revelation 17:15.

Babylon the Great is responsible for the deaths “of all those who have been slaughtered on the earth.” (Revelation 18:24) Throughout history, false religion has not only fomented wars and fueled acts of terrorism but has also failed to teach people the truth about Jehovah, the God of love. (1 John 4:8) This failure has contributed to much bloodshed. For good reason, those who want to please God must “get out of her,” separating themselves from false religion.—Revelation 18:4; 2 Corinthians 6:14-17.


Revelation 18 Expanded Bible (EXB)  Babylon Is Destroyed

18 After ·the vision of these things [L these things], I saw another angel coming down from heaven. This angel had great ·power [authority], and his ·glory [splendor] ·made the earth bright [illumined the earth]. He ·shouted [cried out] in a ·powerful [mighty; strong] voice:

“·Ruined, ruined [L Fallen, fallen] is ·the great city of Babylon [L Babylon the great]!
She has become a ·home [haunt; dwelling place] for demons
and a ·prison [or haunt] for every ·evil [L unclean] spirit,
and a ·prison [or haunt] for every unclean bird and unclean beast.
She has ·been ruined [fallen], because all the ·peoples [nations] of the earth
have ·drunk [some manuscripts read “have fallen from”] the wine of the ·desire [passion] of her ·sexual sin [promiscuity; fornication; 14:8;17:2].
She has been ruined also because the kings of the earth
have ·sinned sexually [fornicated] with her,
and the merchants of the earth
have grown rich from the ·great wealth [power] of her ·luxury[sensuality].”

Then I heard another voice from heaven saying:

“Come out of that city, my people,
so that you will not share in her sins,
so that you will not receive ·the disasters that will come to her [L her plagues; Gen. 19:1517].
[L Because] Her sins have ·piled up [heaped; reached] as high as ·the sky [heaven],
and God has ·not forgotten [remembered] ·the wrongs she has done[her crimes; her sins].
·Give [Pay back] that city the same as she ·gave to [paid] others.
Pay her back ·twice as much as [double what] she did.
·Prepare wine for her that is twice as strong
as the wine she prepared for others [L In the cup she mixed, mix double for her; 14:8].
She gave herself much glory and ·rich living [sensual luxury].
Give her that much ·suffering [torment; torture] and ·sadness [grief; mourning].
She says ·to herself [L in her heart], ‘I am a queen sitting on my throne.
I am not a widow; I will never ·be sad [know grief; mourn].’
So these ·disasters [plagues] will come to her in one day:
death, and ·crying [sadness; grief; mourning], and ·great hunger[famine],
and she will be ·destroyed [consumed; burned up] by fire,
because the Lord God who judges her is ·powerful [strong].”

The kings of the earth who ·sinned sexually [fornicated] with her and ·shared her wealth [lived in luxury/sensuality with her] will see the smoke from her burning. Then they will ·cry [weep] and ·be sad [mourn] because of her death. 10 They will be afraid of her ·suffering [torment; torture] and stand far away and say:

“·Terrible! How terrible for you [L Woe, woe; 8:13], great city,
·powerful [strong; mighty] city of Babylon,
because your ·punishment [judgment; doom] has come ·in one hour[suddenly]!”

11 And the merchants of the earth will ·cry [weep] and be sad about her, because now there is no one to buy their cargoes— 12 cargoes of gold, silver, ·jewels [precious stones], pearls, fine linen, purple cloth, silk, ·red [scarlet] cloth; all kinds of citron wood and all kinds of things made from ivory, expensive wood, bronze, iron, and marble; 13 [and cargoes of] cinnamon, spice, incense, myrrh, frankincense, wine, olive oil, fine flour, wheat, cattle, sheep, horses, carriages [wagons], ·slaves, and human lives [L bodies and human souls].

14 The merchants will say [C implied by the context],

“Babylon, the ·good things [L fruit] you ·wanted [desired; longed for] are gone from you.
All your ·rich [expensive; luxurious] and ·fancy [glamorous; L shining]things have disappeared.
You will never ·have [find] them again.”

15 The merchants [L of these things] who became rich ·from selling to her [L from her] will be afraid of her ·suffering [torment; torture] and will stand far away. They will ·cry [weep] and ·be sad [mourn] 16 and say:

“·Terrible! How terrible [L Woe, woe; 8:13] for the great city!
She was dressed in fine linen, purple and ·red [scarlet] cloth,
and she was ·shining [glittering; adorned] with gold, precious jewels, and pearls [17:4]!
17 All these riches have been ·destroyed [made desolate] in one hour[C suddenly or in a short time]!”

Every sea captain, every passenger, the sailors, and all those who ·earn their living from [trade; work on] the sea stood far away from Babylon. 18 As they saw the smoke from her burning, they cried out loudly, “·There was never a city [What city was…?] like this great city!” 19 And they threw dust on their heads [C a ritual of mourning] and cried out, weeping and ·being sad [mourning]. They said:

“·Terrible! How terrible [L Woe, woe] for the great city!
[L In which] All the people who had ships on the sea
became rich because of her wealth!
But she has been ·destroyed [made desolate] in one hour [C suddenly or in a short time]!
20 ·Be happy [rejoice] ·because of this [L over her], heaven!
·Be happy [Rejoice], ·God’s holy people [T saints] and apostles and prophets!
[L For] God has ·punished [judged] her ·because of what she did to you[or on your behalf; or for the judgment/punishment she imposed on you].”

21 Then a ·powerful [strong; mighty] angel picked up a large stone, like ·one used for grinding grain [a millstone], and threw it into the sea [Jer. 51:63–64]. He said:

“In the same way, the great city of Babylon will be thrown down [with violence],
and it will never be found again.
22 The ·music [L sound] of ·people playing harps [harpists] and ·other instruments [musicians; singers], ·flutes [flutists], and ·trumpets[trumpeters],
will never be heard in you again.
No ·workman [craftsman] doing any ·job [trade]
will ever be found in you again.
The sound of ·grinding grain [the millstone]
will never be heard in you again.
23 The light of a lamp
will never shine in you again,
and the voices of a bridegroom and bride
will never be heard in you again.
[L For; Because] Your merchants were the world’s great people,
and all the nations were ·tricked [deceived; led astray] by your ·magic[sorcery].
24 ·You are guilty of the death of the prophets and God’s holy people [L In you was found the blood of the prophets and the saints]
and all who have been ·killed [slaughtered; slain] on earth.”

Is the USA the Babylon of Revelation 18?



Empathy is gone, because the mind-controlling ones have taken away it?


Jeremiah 27 Expanded Bible (EXB) Nebuchadnezzar Is Made Ruler

Now why was king Nebuchadnezzar made to a Ruler over Babylon during that time in the past?

Answer: Because the Jews/Israelites were worshipping idols! But at that time king Nebuchadnezzar was NOT worshipping any idols anymore, king Nebuchadnezzar knew by that time that one must only worship one GOD YAH and no one else.

Jeremiah 27:9

“‘“‘Therefore, do not listen to your prophets, your diviners, your dreamers, your magicians, and your sorcerers, who are saying to you: “You will not serve the king of Babylon.”

Jeremiah 27:11

“‘“‘But the nation that brings its neck under the yoke of the king of Babylon and serves him, I will allow to remain on its land,’ declares Jehovah, ‘to cultivate it and dwell in it.’ (This was when king Nebukadnessar did not worship the false gods anymore.)

Jeremiah 32:26  Then the Lord spoke this word to Jeremiah: 27 “I am the Lord, the God of ·every person on the earth [L all flesh]. ·Nothing is impossible [L Is anything too hard…?] for me. 28 So this is what the Lord says: I ·will soon hand over the city of Jerusalem to [L am giving this city into the hand of] the ·Babylonian army [L Chaldeans] and ·to [L into the hand of] Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon (who has repented and did not continue to worship voodoo anymore), who will capture it. 29 The ·Babylonian army [L Chaldeans] is already attacking this city [C Jerusalem]. They will soon enter it and start a fire to burn down the city and its houses. The people of Jerusalem ·offered sacrifices [or burned incense] to Baal [C the chief God of the Canaanites] on the roofs [C flat roofs were living space] of those same houses and poured out drink offerings to other idols to make me angry. 30 From their youth, the ·people [L sons] of Israel and Judah have done only ·the things I said were wrong [L evil] in my eyes. They have made me angry by ·worshiping idols made with [L the works of] their own hands,” says the Lord. 31 “From the day this city was built until now, this city has made me angry, so angry that I must remove it from ·my sight [before me]. 32 I will destroy it, because of all the evil the ·people [L sons] of Israel and Judah have done. The people, their kings and officers, their priests and prophets, all the people of Judah, and the people of Jerusalem have made me angry. 33 They turned their backs to me, not their faces. I tried to teach them again and again, but they wouldn’t listen or ·learn [L receive instruction/discipline]. 34 They put their ·hateful idols [abominations] in the ·place where I have chosen to be worshiped [L house called by my name], so they made it unclean [C in a ritual sense]. 35 In the Valley of Ben Hinnom they built ·places to worship [L high places of; C sites associated with pagan worship or inappropriate worship of God] Baal so they could ·burn their sons and daughters as sacrifices [L make their sons and daughters pass through (the fire)] to Molech. But I never commanded them to do such a ·hateful thing [abomination]. It never entered my ·mind [heart] that they would do such a thing and cause Judah to sin [7:30–34; 19:1–6].

36 “You are saying, ‘Because of ·war [L sword], ·hunger [famine], and ·terrible diseases [plague; pestilence], the city will be handed over to the king of Babylon.’ But the Lord, the God of Israel, says about this city [C Jerusalem]: 37 I ·forced them [drove them out] from their land, because I was furious and very angry with them. But soon I will gather them from all the lands where I ·forced them to go [drove them out], and I will ·bring them back [restore them] to this place, where they may live in ·safety [confidence]. 38 They [C people of Israel and Judah] will be my people, and I will be their God39 I will ·make them truly want to be one people with one goal [L give them one heart and one way/path]. They will truly want to ·worship [L fear] me all their ·lives [L days], for their own good and for the good of their children after them.

40 “I will ·make [L cut] an ·agreement with them that will last forever [L eternal covenant with them; 31:31–34Is. 55:361:8Ezek. 16:6037:27]. I will never turn away from them; I will always do good to them. I will ·make them want to respect me [L place my fear in their hearts] so they will never ·turn away [depart] from me. 41 I will enjoy doing good to them. And with ·my whole being [L all my heart and all my soul] I will ·surely [L in faithfulness] plant them in this land.”

42 This is what the Lord says: “I have brought this great ·disaster [harm; trouble] to this people [C the people of Israel and Judah]. In the same way I will bring the good things that I promise to do for them.

43 You are saying, ‘This land is an ·empty desert [desolation], without people or animals. It has been handed over to the ·Babylonians [L Chaldeans].’ But in the future, people will again buy fields in this land. 44 They will use their ·money [silver] to buy fields. They will ·sign [L write] and seal their ·agreements [scrolls] and call in witnesses. They will again buy fields in the land of Benjamin, in the area around Jerusalem, in the towns of Judah and in the mountains, in the ·western hills [L Shephelah], and in ·southern Judah [L the Negev]. I will ·make everything as good for them as it once was [restore their fortunes],” says the Lord.


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