Suppose Yeshua will descend from the Heaven sometimes in the late springtime/early summertime at 3 o’clock at night, on a Monday 2017 or 2018? There are no guarantees it will be so. No date is stated. I do not know if I have understood the time in the book of Apocrypha John’s Gospel of Ambrosiana, which I suggest to read to find out for yourself and many other things.

Translated from another language:

“My arrival will be at the same time as I rose up from the grave, the night, to the first day, of the week. I will judge on the third hour, when the ground has flourished and the leaves have blossomed in the month of Nisan. Christ will arrive with lots of angels in order to judge alive and dead. Blessed is the one who believes in Yeshua.”

Maybe during in April/May/June in 2017 or 2018 will King Yeshua descend?

Mark 13:28 New International Version

“Now learn this lesson from the fig tree: As soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near.

Page 126 “The tribulation will last for 300 small/little days.”

Maybe it means half of 300 days, around 5 months? But if people do not repent during the tribulation, then it will be prolonged. In that case maybe Yeshua will arrive in 2018 instead?

Page 100 verse 27 The son of the sin. “He will desolate inhabited countries and colonize deserted areas.”

In the book of Apocrypha John’s Gospel of Ambrosiana it is written in a cryptic way, about who will be the last president/king. Translated from other language:

It is recommended to mention Mother Mary in the prayers, but not pray to her.

It is also stated that:

The Holy Scriptures/The Bible will be distorted, but it did not say how much, but that “they” will not manage to twist it completely. So keep on reading the Holy Scriptures.

That The One and Only Good God consists of a Trinity: Father, Son and The Holy Spirit.

Although this might be difficult to understand.

(World English Bible

Psalm 24:10 Who is this King of glory? Yahweh of Armies is the King of glory! Selah. By David.)

It is stated That Cain and Abel had twin sisters. That Cain wanted his own beautiful sister, but Abel got her instead, therefore jealousy arose in Cain.

According to the Book of Apocrypha John’s Gospel of Ambrosiana.

Page 102

  1. The last President from the last dynasty is going to be black by origin. He will love to combat the mighty and powerful ones.

Page 104-105, 46. The name of him will be the same as their prophet.

Last President?


Page 103
39. Believe it or not, this President will not hurt any of you (Christians), but instead he will exalt and honor you (the Christians)!
40. However, many people will hate the Christians. But Yeshua Christ will not abandon you and will hear your prayers.
“There will come people who like the shameful and are ashamed of the good, who are turning the evil to good and the good to evil.”

Page 104 -105

  1. “The name of the last king of these people will be the same as the name of their prophet. During this period the kingdom/country will be snatched away.”

Do not fear the haunts! When you least expect, when you do not think you will be saved, then your saving will be approaching.

  1. The false Messiah of Dan’s tribe will be born in the month of Kanun. He will be able to make signs in order to deceit people. He will be able to make rain fall and make the trees grow and bear fruit. Many of his followers will help to destroy Christians. Many by the elected ones will be betrayed by the Anti-Christ, but he will rule a short time.

Pray and be prepared.

Genesis 49:16 The Message (MSG)

Dan will handle matters of justice for his people; he will hold his own just fine among the tribes of Israel. Dan is only a small snake in the grass, a lethal serpent in ambush by the road When he strikes a horse in the heel, and brings its huge rider crashing down.

It is also said that these types of mysteries are meant to be revealed to the world in the end times.

Will you be ready?

Or one should rather be ready as fast as possible because one never knows what might happen the next day.


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