Hunting/haunting men?


“Rule me, O God, keeping me back from wicked sin,
  And from every wicked woman that causeth the simple to stumble.
And let not the beauty of a lawless woman beguile me”

Solomon’s song 6:5


“Turn your [flashing] eyes away from me, For they have confused and overcome me;

Turn your eyes away from me. They enchant me! Your hair is like a flock of goats moving down from Gilead.
Thy teeth as a flock of sheep, which come up from the washing, all with twins, and there is none barren among them.


Ecclesiastes 7:26  Then I discovered this: More bitter than death is the woman who is like a hunter’s net, whose heart is like dragnets, and whose hands are like prison chains. The one who pleases the true God will escape her, but the sinner is captured by her.

The Right Stuff


Once bitten, twice shy

IV.     A conversation of Solomon with the Men-pleasers.

“Extravagant in speech, extravagant in outward seeming beyond all men,

His eyes are upon every woman without distinction;

With his eyes he talketh to every woman of evil compacts.

He is swift to enter every house with cheerfulness as though guileless.

The deeds of such an one with laughter and derision;

His words are deceitful that he may accomplish his wicked desire.”



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